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Safety & Operational Risk Management

Development of Safety & Health Management System 

Provision of
Safety Professionals

Provision of Various Manpower Supply

Outsourcing for non executive, general semi-skilled and skilled foreign workers from Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Taiwan, Bangladeshi & India for the following sectors:

Learning & Training Development

Customized In-House WSH Training
A core team of certified experts and trainers in conducting customized inhouse trainings for businesses and organisations.

Courses for Workers - Boom Lift, Scissors Lift, Performing Rigger & Signalman Tasks 

Our Value


We are a team of professionals providing consultancy in comprehensive and quality Workplace Safety and Health & Environmental outsourcing services to value clients in Singapore and overseas.


Businesses and organisations need to be flexible to quickly respond to opportunity and continually drive productivity, hence turning to us for hassle-free, almost immediate deployment and cost-effective solutions.


Outsourcing is now a fast growing trend, and for a good reason – one of the smartest and practical thing any businesses and organizations can do.
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